‚ÄčAbout Us

Currently there are literally thousands of entrepreneurs across the country that have great ideas for both of these markets but don't have the skills, money, or knowledge to take their idea to the next level. This is where our company steps in. We take the item or idea they have and take it from conception to reality or from their kitchen to manufacturing it on a production level!

In today's tough economy we are seeing many established companies that have a vision but lack the facilities to manufacture and are choosing to approach custom manufacturers and partner with them rather than make an investment in facility, staff, etc... Additionally, many large manufacturers are using custom manufacturers for large scale pilot runs, rather than retool their equipment.

Our abilities are from A to Z, again highlighting the uniqueness of our business. We offer services for the entry level entrepreneur, who wants to try a small run and enter the market, commercial food companies looking for spice blends as part of their process, to supplement companies looking to private label their own vitamins. The client list is only bound by the imagination of every person, individual, or company that wants to build something. Simply put our products and services are extremely competitive as we have the staff on board to do things that other custom manufacturers will not attempt. We are able to do the intricate work without reaching past our own doors, from engineering custom machinery to engineering custom formulas, we will do it all!

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